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Call Log Analysis Module

GenerShield analyzes raw call logs and converts them into operational intelligence to better understand a target's behavior, relationships and communication. GenerShield shows who the target has been in contact with, main contacts, frequent numbers and the location of calls. The system identifies potential names and faces by consulting instant messaging applications, acquiring information about their operations and predicting possible locations and meeting points. Translated with (free version)

Technical specifications

The information includes call origin, recipient, call duration and other transmission details.


  • Primary Contacts
  • Target activity and movement patterns
  • Call patterns
  • Call analysis
  • Top Locations
  • Common Relationships
  • Hourly and daily activity patterns
  • SMS and Data usage analysis


  • Location
  • Interactions with others
  • Meeting points

Additional information

Genershield uses advanced algorithms to fuse raw information and transform it into actionable intelligence.


  • Upload call logs
  • Reveal Frequent Numbers
  • AI Analysis
  • Activity and inactivity schedules
  • Location prediction
  • Meeting Points

Advanced Analysis:

  • Duration and frequency
  • Duration analysis
  • Top locations
  • Common Relationships
  • Hourly and daily activity patterns
  • Event Type (SMS or Voice, Inbound or Outbound)
  • Analysis of multiple Call Logs at the same time


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